About Us

Dangerboy is a company that started with a genuine passion for riding. Recognized for a period of time Worldwide in both the Downhill and Free-Ride MTB marketplace; as a niche brand, led by innovative and quality components.

Once again the dedication of time, money and creativity is showing the rebirth and resurgence of Dangerboy. The production of a unique line of components has once again been born that will continue to grow and evolve.

Starting with a high quality BMX component line that has been thoroughly tested by some of the most aggressive and punishing riders who have been competing and Winning at the National Levels and placing in the final heat on the World stage. Most recently seeing Dangerboy Sponsor riders at the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships. With the 2024 Olympics being just around the corner.

MTB enthusiasts, we have not forgotten about you and your turn is coming up quickly! With a resurrection of what Old School Dangerboy components might mean to you.

Standby, as we might be saving the best for last!

Sincerely, Dangerboy Industries