Dealer Inquiry

Dangerboy Industries employs a Dealer Direct business model in North American eliminating the middleman of Distributors, to ensure our products remain unique and boutique with select Retail Partners. This creates more intimate relationships with better margin for both the Dealer and ultimately better value for the Consumer. Also allowing us to have a healthy marketing / swag budget to help support our Exclusive Dealers.

We go so far as to limit how close our Exclusive Dealers can be from one another. The intent is to funnell 100% of a Regional market back to select Retail Partners.
We have Dealer Kit pricing that has incentives built in, while making participation very easy.

If you feel you would like to know more about how to become a an Exclusive Dealer and benefit from
the Dangerboy experience, please provide the basic information below. We will respond within 24 hours if not before. Thank you.

Dangerboy Industries Inc.